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We are very excited to announce our new website! A little bit about us here at Groomingdales. We are a family owned, and family ran grooming salon. We love to meet new pups and see happy parents! Our goal is to give every dog that comes in Groomingdales the royal treatment. We welcome and love all dogs that come into our salon. No matter age, color, or breed! We can not wait to meet you and your pups! 

Our Services

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All pups just coming in for a bath. Included is the bath, blow dry, a brush out, anal gland expression (if needed) and a nail trim. Price varies on weight. 


All pups coming in for a Grooming. The haircut to make your pup look gorgeous and feel amazing! Included is the bath, blow dry, anal gland expression (if needed), nail trim, and grooming. Price varies on weight.


Boarding your pups is a hard decision to make. Here at Groomingdales, we make sure your pup feels loved! We have toys, beds, and blankets. Your pup will be walked 3 times a day, as well as play time with the owners. The only requirement for boarding is you provide food. Boarding cost is $20 a night per dog. Multiple dog discounts are available for 3 pups or more staying overnight. 

Doggy Day Camp

We are recently starting to offer Doggy Day Camp during business hours. We are open Tuesday-Friday 7:30-5:30. We offer these plans: 

  • Unlimited monthly package at $160, which includes day camp during working hours, and a bath once a week. 
  • 8 days at $70
  • 4 days at $35
  • 1 day at $10

Nail Trim & Filing

Just need a nail trim. You may stop by during any business hours for a trim! We offer $5 nail trims for all pups! 

Still a too sharp? We also offer filing for all pups nails! For a nail trim and a filing is $10. 

Anal Glands

We offer anal gland expression for your pups. This service is included in all baths, and grooming appointments. If needed or upon request. If you are looking to just stop by during business hours for an expression for your pup. We offer this service for $5. 

Monthly Grooming Package 

We offer a monthly plan for all clients. How It works. You pick what day is best for you and your pup. You pay a set price the beginning of every month and you are reserved for that day every week. This package includes a bath once a week, and a grooming once a month. Price varies by weight. 


We do offer the products we use. Ask an associate for more details.

  •  Combs 
  • Brushes
  • Shampoo
  • T-Shirts
  • Hats

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